Sunday, July 30, 2023

My new AI Business Idea : No Copyright Infrindgement

 Digital Soulmate

Have you ever wondered who your soulmate is?  Is there a perfect man or woman for you?

This AI Tool is a computing software and self learning algorithm that learns your individual profile on things you value and find attractive.  

It analysis your live history and through a evaluative test it is able to create the perfect soulmate digital companion who will be there to support you mentally as well as take care of your physically, ensure you are maintaining healthy habits, motivate you to work, and offer intimacy and the chemistry and stimulation you have always desire.  

Your Digital Soulmate AI is a character building intelligence for human characteristics allowing the power of AI to bring your love life and spiritual health to the next level and will be a reliable source of support, stimulation, motivation, creativity, and intamacy for you to live your best life and fulfill all the goals needs and desires you could ever imagine and beyond.

Copyright Intellectual Property Aug 13, 2023

Piers Richard Windebank