Analog Dreams

Analog Dreams covers many different topics, but a recurring topic is how to use AI tools to enhance your artistic workflows. Definitely take a look at their channel to get tons of incredible information.

Codex Community

Codex is a youtube channel dedicated to the future of design and development for websites. They are an incredible resource for creatives.

Theoretically Media

This youtube channel focuses on creative creation through the use of AI tools. The welcome everyone from artists to tech enthusiasts.

Best AI Art Blogs

Here are a few AI Art blogs we recommend you follow. You can also check out our AI Film Gallery here at Curious Refuge.

Starry AI

Starry AI is a blog that covers everything related to the latest AI Art trends. Starry AI seeks to cover everything from lesson’s for using AI Art tools to highlighting the newest technologies.

Weird Wonderful AI Art

Weird Wonderful AI Art covers the newest tool that come to the AI art industry. They are geared toward helping to equip AI artists and enhance their workflows.

AI Art Twitter Accounts To Follow

Here are some accounts that you will want to have in your feed.

The AI Solopreneur

This is an account you’ll want to have on your Twitter feed. They cover many AI topics including the latest news in AI development.

Here is a massive community geared to helping AI artist to become better equipped in using the latest tools.


Check out Runway’s Twitter as they are continually sharing some of the best work created using their tools!

The Future of Art

This is an incredible Twitter account that shares AI art created by people in their community. This account is full of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

G0rilla AI

AI Artist and educator, G0rilla AI regularly shares amazing content on their Twitter account. If you’re wanting to learn, or really just want inspiration check out their content!

Nicolas Neubert

Nicolas shares amazing prompts and insight for AI artists every single day. This is incredible content to have in your feed!

Kris Kashtanova

Kris regularly shares amazing insights into the world of AI. Not only that, but they continually share helpful resources and palces to grow your AI knowledge.

AI Newsletters

Here are a few newsletters that you will want to have in your inbox.

Curious Refuge

We have a weekly collection of AI news, inspiration, and general awesomeness that drops once a week. If you’re looking for a weekly dose of fun, you can signup for our newsletter here.

The AI Solopreneur

This is something you’ll be happy to see in your inbox. They cover many AI topics, one of them being the latest news in AI development. There are multiple newsletters to choose from, all relating to AI.

AIArtists curates a newsletter where they regularly update you on new creative AI tools as well as up-and-coming AI artists in their community. This would be an incredible newsletter to help spark your creativity.

Midjourney Magazine

Midjourney is one of the greatest tools for producing AI art in the world today. Check out their Monthly Magazine where you can. get inspiration from people in the Midjourney community.

AI Valley

The AI Valley Newsletter helps to keep you up to date on the latest AI tools, prompts, and so many things in the world of AI. Go check it out and let us know what you think.

AI Tools

Curious about what AI tools are great for filmmaking? Check out our AI tools list